Scholman Techniek Projects


Project: Rail renewal

Client: Fluor Rail Services, Australia.
Product: High Speed D”e”clipping trolley.
The Australian mining company Rio Tinto has its own railway infrastructure, of which approximately 1200 km is being renewed by Fluor Rail Services. The removal of pandrol e-clips is very intensive and time consuming, so we were brought in to deliver 2 high-speed d"e"clipping trolleys. This equipment has now entered Rio Tinto’s award programme for best improvement in working conditions. There are currently a number of trolleys on-site at several Fluor Rail Services projects across Australia.

Project: Railroad construction and maintenance

Client: Van de Mheen, The Netherlands.
Product: Sleeper layer machine.
We developed a sleeper layer machine for Van de Mheen with a weight of only 1200 kg, in order to comply with new Dutch legislation for this project. The machine further increases the action radius of their hi-rail excavator.

Project: Creating pathway

Client: Van Roon, The Netherlands.
Product: Pathway maker.
We built a pathway maker for Van Roon to create 30 km of canopy pathway between Muiderberg and Almere.

Project: Railroad construction and maintenance

Client: Van der Meer, The Netherlands.
Product: Sleeperclamp.
Van der Meer used this lightweight sleeperclamp to load sleepers onto their flat trucks and unload them at the worksite, and to move their flat trucks on and off the rails.